Great pictures of great times




8/9/14 CONGRATULATIONS to the LA DOLPHINS for bringing home the GOLD!!!!!!!!


As always the sun gods were in our corner..

From an over cast morning to a beautiful sun filled afternoon with activities and music for everyone climaxing with spectacular fireworks.

LACA DAY was a huge success.

This is not by accident....

Without the dedicated people who voluntarily donate their time and energy; to the LACA staff who work long hours to make this event the high light of the summer, it could never have become a reality.


And as always many of these committees that are in place need volunteers to continue these functions for our families and generations to come.

The Social, Security, Architecture, Memorial, Beautification, all need volunteers.

Today while looking over the many new faces I saw many familiar faces..Faces of the children of years gone by who now have families of their own. Who still call the LAKE their second home. Who still connect to one another as they did decades ago. Knowing that feeling of acceptance and belonging, the feeling of family.

I'm asking you to please follow in the footsteps of past LACA families that have made this community great.

Think about service to the community as a valuable resource to your neighbor’s family and community.

Let’s keep LACA great for our children and all future generations.



Tom A.






Now that the Season is half over, lots should have been groomed at least once. If your grass has not been cut, the maintenance department will do so and you will be billed $100.00. The main drag will be the first area of concern, then the side streets. This is to benefit all. Thanks.

7/19/14 - The Board of Directors have decided to make Ray Fitzgerald Community Manager on a permanent basis. 

7/10/14 - extended network is now available at the pool and beach area.  amped pro ap is the network and the password is wireless and will bring you to the original page to sign in.


Use of scooters by underaged, unlicensed operators are not allowed on LACA roads.  PA Laws apply on ALL LACA roads.

Property Owners are not permitted to use LACA address or mailbox address to obtain status of permanent residency.  This includes registration of motor vehicles, registering to vote in Pike County, or licensing vehicles.

All refrigerator and or freezers left out on deck for the summer/winter must be secured with a lock and key
This is for safety precautions as small children may become trapped.


The Board of Directors has named Ray Fitzgerald as Acting Community Manager.  He will be evaluated after Labor Day at their meeting to see if he will continue and be the permanent Manager.  In the meantime, we will still be reviewing resumes from applicants.





Our property manager Bill Warms has resigned his position effective May 7, 2014.
He will be leaving because of personal hardships and health issues.
Up to this point and time Mr. Warms has proven himself to be an extremely competent and trust worthy employee. We will be relying upon our department heads and of course your BOD to achieve  the goal of running the day to day operation of LACA.
We have placed an ad in numerous publications and will be interviewing for the position.
I am sure we will be able to make a smooth transition with out any difficultly to the community.
Thank you
Tom Annunziata



April 3, 2014

This year for the first time in LACA history we will not be having a formal mail in ballot.
There were only two applications received for the two open seats.
The two positions that have been filled were by Jim Martin and John Adams.
Donna Grzybowski has decided not to run this year.
I'd like to thank Donna on behalf of the BOD and LACA for all her years of service to the community and a job well done.
Tom Annunziata

April 1, 2014

Because of the extremely harsh winter and ice cover the electrical work planned for the spring has been put off till the end of our Summer season.
The areas in question are Big Bass and Deer Run.
In order to keep up with the mandated site water meters, laterals and pits by the DEP our energy will be focused on those items so as not to fall behind on our schedule. This is also mandated when our plans were submitted.
The wire has been purchased and on property.
Once we are caught up with mandated water projects we will begin electric.
Again we are sorry for the delay.


I would also like to add that if at all possible to hold off on setting trailers and purchasing of stone by local vendors. Our roads are not hard enough to support heavy trucks as of yet, most properties either have snow or are soft due to the melting snow and of course we just went thru three days of rain. Most communities have adopted this due to the weather until the end of the month.



The Board of Directors held their regular monthly meeting this Saturday, March 15th to discuss many issues.  LACA’S  Attorney Tammy Clause was present with updates on pending issues with Dingman Township regarding the "Proposed Ordinance" and some other matters.

Atty Clause presented the Board with a packet  that was given to Dingman Township.  Both Clause and the Board are hoping that the Township will review this documentation and recognize that Lake Adventure is a pre-existing grandfathered community and stop with these malicious, vindictive attacks.

Recently we also had a property owner who stated he lived at Lake Adventure thereby classifying  him as a permanent resident.  Contact has been made via the property owner's attorney, and hopefully we can clear this matter up, or litigation will take place.

The new gate card system will be installed very soon, weather permitting.  The maximum amount of cards allowed per owner is still (4).  We will exchange old cards for new when the system is ready.  There will be a few new procedures added to make the new system more secure than before.  The most important thing is that you DO NOT give your card out to any one as YOU are responsible for whoever is using your card.  If you lose a card, notify the office IMMEDIATELY so we can deactivate it so no one else uses it.  More info will follow as we get closer to the new system being ready.